Max Summer School in Geidai 2020


  • 2020/8/7

    Max Summer School 2020 has ended

    Information on the next and subsequent events will be announced at
    Videos of presentations and concert are available here

  • 2020/8/2

    Updated class schedule

    See detail here.

  • 2020/7/21

    Announcing public presentation and concert

    Presentation: 8/3 to 6, from 6 pm on each day.
    Concert: 8/7
    Anyone can watch this program.

  • 2020/6/23

    If you will transfer the fee from abroad, you can use Transferwise now.

    The fee: 22,500 Yen. Application / How to pay the fee

  • 2020/6/5

    Max Summer School 2020 is announced at IRCAM Forum.

  • 2020/6/4


    Live Streaming Concert
    June 8, 2020 at 20:00 PM, Tokyo Time, 13:00 PM Paris Time, 7:00 AM New York Time

    Last May, a concert was held online by the students of Suguru Goto Laboratory, Department of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. It will be live-streamed on YouTube again. Especially, this is an experimental online concert. It is a project to remotely control Taro Anno's Zombie Music's robots. For example, one sends the data captured by Azure Kinect from one house and plays Zombie Music's recorders via an external server. Each composer will present their own works with different concepts.

    Tei U
    Agustín Spinetto
    Taro Yasuno
    Jie Man
    Leonid Zvolinsky
    Shinae Kang
    Can Li

  • 2020/5/16

    Max Summer School will be held entirely online

    Due to the new coronavirus, Max Summer School will be held entirely online this year. This is the result of considering the health and the best environment to study for the participants. Max Summer School usually has more than 100 participants each year, and it is almost impossible to keep the social distance if it is taken place physically. By taking full advantage of the possibility of online, we are preparing a method that allows us to learn more efficiently and more individually than regular training sessions. In addition to online lectures at each level, we also offer lessons and question and answer sessions individually or in small groups by video conference. We also plan to prepare discussion with Chat, online information sharing, examples of patches, etc on the internet. After the registration, we will provide the password in order to access the above-mentioned system.
    The application period is from June 1 to June 30.

    We will close as soon as it reaches the maximum participants.

    * The workshop will be spoken in Japanese.

    If you have any comments or questions, please contact us below.

    Max Summer School Committee


Max provides potentialities for both Software and computer language.
Basically, Max is utilized for music, but also for mixing sounds in real time and performance. Recently it is used for media arts, multimedia, video, internet and sensor, etc.

The workshops will be divided into 4 levels, very beginners, beginners, intermediates, and advanced, and be carried out with a tutorial system while handiwork. Participants are advised to prepare their own computers and so they are able to learn with examples which are prepared for this workshop beforehand.

Especially, we emphasis the theme of Max and AI this year.


Max Summer School 2020 in GEIDAI


August 3 (mon) to 7 (fri), 2020, 5days

10am to 6pm (The first day, August 3 starts from 9am)

  • August 3 to 6

    Online lectures and tutors

  • August 7

    Live Streaming concert and online tutors

See full schedule
Number of participants



22,500JPY (about 210 US Dollars)

You need

Cycling’74 Max (Demonstration version is also possible) onto your computer.


Suguru Goto (Associate Professor of Musical Creativity and the Environment, Tokyo University of the Arts), Masahiro Miwa (President and a Professor of IAMAS), Sumihisa Arima (Tezukayama Gakuin University), Satoshi Fukushima

See instructor profiles
  • about your application

    Office of Senju campus TEL:050-5525-2727 (weekday: 9am to 5pm, closed on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)
    *when you contact us, please provide us 1) Name of the participant, 2) Title of the class you want to take, 3) Ask what you want to know/modify, 4) a contact number or address of the participant.

  • about other topics

    Please send us from this form or send an e-mail to


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Max Summer School Committee

  • Daichi Akiyama
  • Takahiro Hayashida
  • Ludo Takebe
  • Shun Saito
  • Gaku Kiishi